All Stihl HT 75 Pole Saw Parts That You Should Know About

Commercial and professional arboriculture requires a long reachable pole saw pruner for trimming, pruning, and cutting branches at a higher height. The Stihl HT 75 pole saw is a unique and popular pole saw in this regard.

You can quickly extend it from a 2.7 meters length to 3.9 meters to facilitate a reach of about 5 meters without using a ladder. However, when you use the pole saw, you should have a clear idea on the Stihl HT 75 pole saw parts to perform better with it.

One such integral part of the HT 75 is the dependable and practical Stihl pole saw harness. So, let’s get to see all the parts of the Stihl HT 75.

All Essential Stihl HT 75 Pole Saw

The HT 75 pole saw is a practical tool for landscaping in commercial grade. It is built with an array of parts integrated for a combined and synchronized performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Engine y: 25.4cc
  • Power: 0.95kW
  • Weight: 6.9kg
  • Guide Bar: 12”

Now, see the essential parts of the HT 75 pole saw.

Stihl Pole Saw Harness

If you want to upgrade your pruning experience to the next level of comfort, the pole saw harness from Stihl would help you. It is a super harness dedicated to transfer the pole pruner’s weight to your hip section to reduce your back stress.

So, you will enjoy the freedom of working and moving with the HT 75 pruner. Also, you can adjust the harness according to your body size without any fuss.

Since it holds the pole saw correctly, you will be confident while moving from one tree to another and perform the trimming and cutting jobs at height.

The drive tube assembly:

If you want to replace the drive tube section of the HT 75 pole saw, the Stihl drive tube assembly part is all set to meet your requirements. It is a genuine and ardent OEM part, and so you can use it with confidence.

It has a specification of 38mmX1.63 meters.

The Stihl clamp:

The clamp is used to adjacent the drive tube assembly with the next section of the pruner saw. It is an OEM part from the Stihl and usable with HT 75, 73, 101, 131, and 131 Z pruner saw.

Stihl O ring:

The O ring works as a washer for the pole saw pruner to safeguard the equipment. It prevents leakage and increases the durability of the saw. It is workable with HT 75 and HT 101 pole saw.

Stihl spline screw:

The spline screw model will work as a replacement for the 9022 341 1020. Also, the genuine OEM screw will with almost all Stihl pole saw and the chainsaw.

Hexagon nut:

There are multiple Hexagon nuts available for the Stihl HT 75 pruner. Usually, you will see the M6-10 and M5-8 hexagon nut, mostly for the HT 75. Also, these two parts have usability with several other pole saws from Stihl.

Stihl wing nut:

The Stihl wing nut works as a replacement for the 4138 716 1200. Also, it has a complete application with the Stihl brush-cutter, electric trimmer, pruner, and standard pole saws include HT 75. So, you will find the OEM parts at ease.

Stihl bearing:

If you want to replace the original 4138 740 3200 product number of the pole saw, this aftermarket bearing gear from Stihl is your best buy. It fits the HT75, HT 73, HT 101, HT 131, and HT 131 Z pole pruners.

Also, it delivers a similar performance, likewise the original part.

Stihl blind revet:

The blind revet is an integral part of any pole pruning saw, and at times, you may need to replace it. When the original blind revets wears out, you can opt for the OEM Stihl blind revet. The product numbers are 94380033171 and 9438 003 3171.

The aftermarket revet is usable with all standard Stihl pole pruners.

Stihl spring:

These spring product numbers are 41827403200 and 4182 740 3200. The spring is a genuine OEM parts replacement and applies to almost all the standard pruners.

The flexible liner:

The Stihl product 4138 711 7300 and 41387117300 has a 1241mm/48 range with 7/8”. It works as a replacement part for the HT 73, HT 75, HT 101, HT 131, and HT 131 Z pole pruner as an OEM part.

Features of Stihl HT 75 Pole Saw

The HT series from Stihl is a popular commercial landscaping and arboriculture tool in the market. The pole saw offers convenience and comfort at work.

First off, the HT 75 has a control handle with multi-functioning in mind. So, you will get all options to control the motor of the unit, nicely crafted within the handle. It will make your pruning task a lot easier.

The telescopic shaft has a broader reaching range from 2.70m to an extended 3.90m. The conversion is easy, and you can actually reach up to 5m of height with it. You won’t have to risk climbing on a ladder anymore.

If a pole saw handle had intense vibration, it can make the cutting and trimming jobs somewhat inaccurate. Stihl seems to have taken care of the fact. So, they have equipped the device with a handle that won’t vibrate while working.

The anti-vibration prevents the jerking of your hand during the cutting applications. Furthermore, it increases the durability of the pole saw incredibly.

For easy carrying of the pole saw from one tree to another, it comes with an RTS-HT Backpack System. It will easily adapt to your body and lessen the back stress. Hence, you will love working with the HT 75 pole saw.


As far as it goes, the Stihl HT 75 pole saw parts are over 20. So, it a complexly built pole saw and works perfectly when integrated correctly. Hence, if any part gets damaged, the whole system of the pole saw is affected.

Therefore, you may need to replace the damaged or worn out part soon to ensure lasting and satisfactory performance.



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