How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade: Two easy Ways 2020

If you own a garden, then I’m sure you also have big trees in your garden. Those trees make your garden attractive, but sometimes, their branches are crossing your garden border, and it looks odd!

I know you know what I’m going to tell you about. YES! You’re right. I’m going to say to you about the pole saw.

There are many types of pole saw available in the market, but you need to choose any depending on your requirements.

So, I know you already have a pole saw, whatever the type is, maybe its gas pole saw or electric pole saw or something else.

Sometimes, we face some problems with our pole saw blade. After using a long time, they are blunt. When the blades are going to blunt, they are a disaster. It can make your mind hot easily.

So, in today’s article, we’re trying to give you a proper idea of how to sharpen a pole saw blade effortlessly.

How to Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

You can sharpen your pole saw blade with these 4 methods on your home. They are:

  • Grinder
  • A file
  • Sharpening rod
  • A table vices

Note: You must need a sharpening rod of ceramic, whetstone, or diamond.

We show you two simple processes; by following those processes, you can sharpen your pole saw blade easily at your home.

How To Sharpen A Saw Blade By Hand

Please, before you start sharpening your pole saw blade clean it properly. To clean it properly, you can use a brush wire.

We’ve checked it brush wire works well than any other cleaning tool. And it’s also clear the dust from your blade.

If your blade has some oil in case, then you can use a degreaser to clean it and makes it cleaner.

After completing them, let it dry for some time. If you’re an emergency, then you wipe the water off the blade using a clean rug.

Now you know how to sharpen a saw blade by hand. It is easy, right? Let’s learn something more.

How To Sharpen pole Saw Blade with grinder

Sharpen, a pole saw blade with a grinder, is very easy. Let’s break down the steps so you can understand it more clearly.

  • Remove the blade from the pole
  • Fix the blade securely
  • Check the work you’ve done
  • Place back the blade in the pole

Remove the Blade from The Pole

It’s easy, remove the blade from the pole saw before you start sharpening, but detach it carefully. Sometimes, doing this, many people break the blade teeth. Without the teeth, the blade has no value at all.

And also, we recommend you to wear some safety tools. As for goggles, gloves, safety shoes, and other things that make you total secured!

Fix the Blade Securely

First, make sure you select the angle correctly where you want to start sharpening. If you have already fixed it, then place it securely and tightly with the workbench where you’re going to start the work.

I repeat, set the angling is crucial when you do it with a grinder.

Check the Work You’ve Done

It’s essential to check the work progress frequently to avoid over sharpen. Over sharpen is making your blade light, and light blades are very harmful to cut tree branches, especially when you using a pole saw on ladder.

Keep the balance on all sides by checking the sharpening process frequently. And do it until all sides are not completed.

Place Back the Blade in The Pole

I hope, after you complete all the steps now, your blade is ready to use. But after doing all those things, place the blade on the pole saw carefully and securely to avoid accidents or any injuries. And now you can start again trimming tree branches.


In the article, we show you some techniques that will help you to sharpen your blade. Not that all, with these methods, you can sharpen your pole saw blade at your home. Those methods are easy and safe. But again, we alert you to do it at your own risk. If you’re not more experience by using those tools, then you can search for an expert to do the job for you. Or you can buy any best pole saw blade regarding your needs.



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