About Us

Our Mission

Now you must be thinking that ‘ok’ we trust you but why should we buy our required tools from you? I strongly agree with you, we are nothing special but we care about our customers’ requirements and most importantly we value their happiness.

Why should you buy tools from us?

ToolLeaser has right to change price and validity of any service at any time.

Guaranteed Uptime

This is something most group buy tools offer but we keep our promise. We monitor each tool closely and you will be delighted to know that we use these tools ourselves for our company so there is no chance we will want our service going down.

Instant Access:

We understand your need and urgency that is why we don’t keep you waiting. We have our automatic Access System, When your payment is successfull, you can access instant Access (When you pay through our Site Payment Getways, You can access tools at the time. In case Offline Payment it take 10-15 Minutes ) mail you all the details as soon as you have made your payment.

Highly Secure

We buy tools using genuine methods so there is no doubt about the quality of service. We also value your privacy which is why the safety of your personal details assured. We don’t share the details of your personal information with other members of your group and not to any other party. So there is no question of data sharing..